Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Election Results

Yes  372
No 517
42 percent voted yes
Needed 60 percent to pass
889 people voted...13 percent of eligible voters

Dennis Voy


  1. Go ahead and try in december again, i sure hope that same result happens! enrollment is down and spending unholy amount of money sure in heck is not going to help kids to learn, get by in means of what is available. the people who are for it mostly have money up the whazoo and have no thought or care what the consequences would be on ones scraping by or on fixed incomes, say if it passed those ppl would be forced to either apply for more assistance or go totally on state help/welfare. All the so called good news on these new businesses that came in, well good luck on keeping doors open, look at the chicken food outlet that came in less than a year ago in with a gas station got fried! no long open. Ever since this town became a "bedroom" town it always been that a town dead asleep with too few placed to work within and most traveling out for it and then want crazy idea projects to pass on to the taxpayer to pay for that will drive people out hence dropping population. ppl already are burdened with taxes think about it!

  2. I can see air conditioning the middle school, but they sure as heck do NOT need new administration offices! I would never vote for that!