Monday, December 24, 2007

4/10ths of an inch of rain Saturday afternoon and early evening in Maquoketa. Then the temperature dropped and snow started around
9 P.M. Sunday morning, we had 5 inches of new snow on ground.
We have had 14 inches this month. Sunny today...and tomorrow, Christmas Day will also be nice, with some sunshine and a high
in the mid 30's.

Saturday, I visited my good friend Dale Brooks at the extended care facililty at the hospital. Dale, in his 80's, had a freak auto accident in September...hitting the gas pedal instead of break ...and running into a building in DeWitt and breaking his neck. His wife was along and did not get hurt. The healing is taking a long time, but he should be okay in another couple months and back home. His father-in-law was longtime Maquoketa doctor O.L. Frank. Doc might have delivered some of you.....he brought about 3,000 into the world during his Maquoketa career.

Sage Rosenfels had another decent day as QB of the Houston Texans yesterday, but Indianapolis won the game. Sage threw for two TD's and his passing was good for ever 200 yards.

A good KMAQ advertiser and Iowa's oldest bar and restaurant,
Breitbach's Country Dining at Balltown, north of Dubuque, burned to the ground this morning. It opened in 1852. Nancy and I had dinner there a couple times this year, the last time in November. It was not only a good restaurant, it was a tourist attraction. They came from all over to eat at Breitbach's. It had seating for around 250, and
was filled with antiques.

KMAQ has learned that Susanne Baty, of Maquoketa, retired Principal at Cardinal Elementary School, died Friday night. We have had calls here at KMAQ asking about services, but nothing has been released at this time. Survivors include her husband, Corlis.

Many people have left a Christmas greeting on the KMAQ Guest
Book. Check it out. Click on the guest book at . Still time to enter one yourself.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from everyone here at KMAQ.

Dennis Voy

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