Friday, October 05, 2007

86 today...1 degree short of the record high for this date.
Upper 80's again tomorrow and Sunday.

A stove caught fire in Maquoketa this morning, but the homeowner, Mrs. Brian, Charity Crist at 414 Cynthia Drive, put it out with a fire extinguisher before firemen arrived. Firemen used fans to clear smoke out of house, but only damage was to the stove.

The Habitat for Humanity local drive is up to $41,000...$9,000 still short of build a home for a local family. Alliance Pipepline started the drive with $25,000 and the rest has been raised locally, including $3,500 from the Maquoketa Area Community Foundation.
Six families have applied to get the home. Volunteers and the family will build it. Still
to be selected...the family...the location...and all after the goal has been met.

Pioneer Day is this Sunday at the Jackson County Historical Society Museum on the fairgrounds in Maquoketa. Activities from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. including a Cowboy Cookout over the noon hour. The public is invited.

Maquoketa plays at West Liberty tonight...two pretty even teams playing each other.

Hiliary comes to Maquoketa Sunday night at the Middle School.

and that's it for another week. Have a good weekend.