Saturday, February 13, 2010

                                            THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED THE KMAQ
                                            FARM AND HOME SHOW "COOKIE BAKING
                                            CONTEST" YESTERDAY.   44 ENTRIES.
                                            THANKS ALSO TO WANDA CORNELIUS (LEFT)
                                            AND THELMA NISSEN (RIGHT) FOR HOSTING
                                           AND HELPING WITH THE EVENT.   THE WINNERS
                                           WERE:   CHOCOLATE-ONLY DIVISION:   1ST PLACE
                                           AND $25 TO JOYCE OSTERT OF RURAL MAQUOKETA.
                                           2ND PLACE AND $15 TO TONY NIMS OF MAQUOKETA.
                                           HONORABLE MENTION AND $5 TO CATHY EASTERLY
                                           OF MAQUOKETA, EUNICE FIER OF MAQUOKETA,
                                           JANETTE MALLICOAT OF WYOMING, LIZ LINSTROM
                                           OF DELMAR AND LINDA DRAKE OF MAQUOKETA.
                                           OTHER THAN CHOCOLATE DIVISION:    1ST PLACE
                                           AND $25 TO DUANE MALLICOAT OF WYOMING, 2ND
                                           PLACE AND $15 TO MURIEL REUSS OF MAQUOKETA,
                                           AND $5 TO HONORABLE MENTIONS:   BARB KILBURG
                                          OF BELLEVUE, SALLY ROWAN OF ANDREW, JANE
                                          DAGUE OF MAQUOKETA, MARY METHER OF MAQUOKETA
                                          AND VIOLA KILBURG OF MAQUOKETA.  
                                          THE JUDGES WERE:   STACY DRISCOLL OF MAQUOKETA,
                                           COLLEEN MEYERS OF BELLEVUE AND JOELLA
                                           O'CONNELL OF DEWITT.    EACH LEADS THE CHAMBER
                                           OF COMMERCE IN THEIR CITY.  KMAQ  THANKS THEM
                                           FOR A GOOD JOB OF JUDGING.    CLICK-ON THIS
                                           PHOTO TO ENLARGE IT.
                                                            PHOTO BY DENNIS VOY