Thursday, March 11, 2010

                                     KMAQ TRAVEL SPONSORED  A BUS TO THE CHICAGO
                                     FLOWER SHOW YESTERDAY, AT NAVY PIER.    HAD A           
                                     GOOD TIME AND SPRING-LIKE WEATHER TOO.    SHOWN
                                     ABOVE, TWO JACKSON COUNTY GARDENERS AND THEIR
                                     WIVES AT THE SHOW.    LEFT TO RIGHT:   WAYNE AND
                                     JUDY SCHNEIDER FROM MILES AND BOB AND JUDY
                                     ANDERSON FROM MAQUOKETA.    ALL 4 RETIRED AND
                                     READY TO DO SOME SPRING PLANTING IN THE YARD
                                     AND GARDEN.     HERE IN MAQUOKETA, 50 YESTERDAY
                                    AND SUNNY AND 58 TODAY.   GOT A LITTLE RAIN LAST
                                    NIGHT AND FIRST THUNDER AND LIGHTNING OF THE
                                    THE CALAMUS-WHEATLAND BOYS WON THEIR GAME
                                    BY 2 POINTS THIS AFTERNOON (GAME ON KMAQ) AND
                                    WILL PLAY FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP AT 6 TOMORROW
                                    NIGHT.   WE WILL BROADCAST IT!
                                    A 15 YEAR OLD MAQUOKETA YOUTH WAS INVOLVED IN
                                    A SHOOTING LAST NIGHT IN DAVENPORT.     THE NAME OF
                                    THE BOY HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED.   HE WAS TAKEN
                                    TO THE HOSPITAL IN DAVENPORT BY HIS SISTER AND
                                    TREATED FOR THE GUNSHOT WOUND TO HIS NECK AREA.
                                     THE INCIDENT STEMMED FROM SOME SORT OF ENCOUNTER
                                      WITH PEOPLE IN ANOTHER VEHICLE.     WORD  HAS IT THE BOY'S
                                      GIRL FRIEND WAS ALSO WITH HIM.  
                                      A BIRTH:   BRIAN AND MYRA GROSS ARE PARENTS OF A
                                      GIRL BORN IN IN IOWA CITY TUESDAY.   SHE WAS NAMED
                                      JEWEL ASPEN AND WEIGHED 3 POUNDS.
                                      CLICK-ON THE ABOVE PHOTO TO ENLARGE IT.
                                      CHECK BACK TOMORROW.
                                      DENNIS VOY